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A few details about Reerun

I am 18 and I attend UCDavis. I take all sorts of classes and do all sorts of nothing. I enjoy doing anything that involves having fun and a lot of times I end up playing counter-strike.

I am currently enrolled as a political science major but it's going to change eventually to computer science. I just seem to have more fun learning about computers. Political science turned out to be extremely boring. I will add more stuff about myself later, just wait.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I know, I know, I already had a picture like this but I dont have any regular ones at the moment. This is me, as you probably know.


I have tons of favorite movies like any other Joe. Most of the movies I like are action flicks. I have half of Van Damme's movies and watch them all the time. I also like movies that aren't action filled but just have a good story line and are entertaining. Duh.

Hm, music. That's a tough one, I lisne to almost anything. I have even liked a few country songs in my time. Chances are, if you like it, so will I.

My sisters!!!
I love these two young ones with all my heart.