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Reerun's Place
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Welcome to Reerun's Place!

Please send Email on what I should add on this site. Any bitching about how this site sucks will result in very bad things. Thank you!

Hello to all the people who will be seeing my website. I'm not the type who is going to try and advertise my site so don't expect too much. To be honest with you, this place is just somewhere for me to post pictures I want others to see. The only thing I could think of was make a site that I can send people to in order to view certain pictures. So if you are looking for anything extremely interesting, I'm afraid your in the wrong place. Have fun!

Of course my site will be quite simple to begin with. I have no previous experience with this sort of thing. Anyways, just click around and see what I may or may not have done yet.

If you're lucky, I might remember any updates I make and will try to list new things I have done. Just check below here to see if anything is updated and sometimes I'll even add things to come in the future.

-New Updates-

Site finished!

Me and Alice

It's me! Well, me and Alice before her winter ball.

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